not everyday is the same and neither is your mood

this is why we like to set the tone of your appointment before you arrive, because it's not just about the service, it's also about the way you feel

1. Select your Service: dry, spa, combo, add-on's
2. if you booked your toes in, get ready: we will have a fresh glass of filtered tap water including an iPad with Netflix & Headphones awaiting your arrival; you can also bring a book, your laptop for work or study, your own tunes plus snacks or Uber Eats... 
3. if you booked your nails in, let us know prior if you are up for conversation or not so we can accomodate you accordingly; a fresh glass of flitered tap water will also be provided for you on arrival

*please note that there are no infants or children allowed in the salon as this is a space for everyone to switch-off and unwind, so please arrange for a carer at your appointment time; having this in place gives parents the opportunity to have a mini getaway; it allows the technicians to focus and get their work done in the allotted timeframe and provides an environment where other clients can enjoy their time in the salon too
Step 1 starts here: