By Sherie


Sherie [ shur-ree ]

Natural nail manicures and pedicures are her speciality. Whether you’re a biter, picker, have weak/brittle nails or you just want to give yourself some much needed love and pampering, Sherie is your gal.

Bringing fashion to nails, think… Textiles, your favourite Cushion, the Artwork above your table or EVEN the Earrings you wear out on the town! All can be miniaturised onto your nails in a negative space form so that they stay fresher for longer. These low maintenance designs are perfect for those with busy-bee lifestyles. [ but she will draw you a unicorn if you ask for it… ]

Clients who have severe damage, can start “rehab” to get you back on track by using the ever so popular BIAB*. Her focus is to enhance growth and maintain your nail health by using a more hands-on approach. The best part, you get to celebrate your end results with her amazing colours and art [ should you so desire… and you should ]

SO, she is a fur mumma of two cats, jasper and eevee; a kiwi through and through; has a background in fashion design + retail; she’s getting married “soon” and is always trying to plan her wedding... loves to travel [ where possible ] has a chill vibe and enjoys some classic rock music.

Trained by CND and Toejamm.

Featuring inside Toejamm Subiaco: Mon, Wed - Fri + Alternate Saturdays


Services: BIAB, Gel Manicures, Nail Rehab, Nail Art, Spa Pedicures, Dry Pedicures
Products: The Gel Bottle, CND, Nail Code

*BIAB = "Builder Gel” by The GelBottle, is a thicker and stronger gel that nourishes and strengthens the natural nail with approx. up to 3-4 weeks longevity depending on growth.