Sherie // Perth's Manicure Maven

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fashion meets nails

Sherie like most, started her career at a young age not knowing what the world had in store for her. She did however know that being a creative was something she felt passionate about. From canvas, to textile design, to fashion design to completing her first showcase for the runway, she quickly realised that no matter how much the world tried to stop her from being what she truly wanted to be, she did not give up.

10+ years went by in the customer service industry - fashion retail, hospitality and would you believe... a little bit of time in automotive too. But then there was a change, her fiance got a transfer to WA and that meant her world had to start all over again.

Thankfully her nail tech in QLD was able to give her some guidance and wondered if Sherie would potenially enjoy doing nails. They had a play and turned out Sherie loved it. She became hooked immediatley and her mind was exploding with creative ideas on all the amazing textile designs she could recreate on a smaller scale. It was then her journey for nails began.

Months later she, her two cats, one puppy and fiance jumped in a car and drove across the nullabor to WA. They moved into a cute little home and she setup a room dedicated to her nails and started making art.

One fateful day, Jami (Founder of Toejamm) was looking on Instagram thinking how on earth she was going to find the right person to bring on board to assist her with manicures so that she could focus her energy on all her pedicures. After hours of searching she landed upon a page where there were a select few nail art designs she had never seen before in the whole world of social media and it blew her mind. All she could think was WOW, this is so Toejamm, this is exactly what our industry needs, fresh ideas from another perspective that suits all fashion genres (grunge, boho, artsy - you name it). Immediately Jami reached out. They had one catch-up, got on like a house on fire and just like that Sherie was recruited.

So why should you choose Sherie for you next set of nails?

Well, she has a super creative mind, and can come up with anything if you let her know what inspires you (no pictures required for this gal); she is loving and caring and easy to get along with; mutters and humms to herself whilst working ever so precisly on you and is genuinely just a fun character to be around! She is also happy to just do naked nails for you but she knows that once you see what she can do... you might feel otherwise ;-)

With a background in fashion, who wouldn't want a taste of the runway on their nails, there is something for everyone - Stay tuned on instagram for her latest designs in her dedicated story highlight!