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Jami aka. Perth's Pedicure Junkie

a little message from me to you...

Finding your passion is a journey but when you realise what it is, a whole new world opens up.

For me, it was becoming a pedicurist. Give me a smashed-up toe and you’ll be guaranteed to have it looking like new at the end of the service.

It’s important to pay particular attention to your daily activities so I can best repair your feet in the right way. (think of a standard pedicure but with a slight clinical twist...) 

With over 15 years of customer service experience and thorough understanding of every individual's needs and wants - attention to detail, care, time, effort and chats are my focus. I am not your ordinary nail tech who will provide you with a quick in/out service, you are not a number, you are my client and you matter to me.

So why did I choose the name ‘Toejamm’?

Well, on my way to work one morning, my partner and I started to toss out some names. All of a sudden he yelled out ‘Nail Jam’! and like a ray of light shining down from the heavens with the angels singing ‘ahhhhh’... my eyes lit up and I screamed ‘Toe Jam’! We both looked at each other and cracked up laughing but we were excited as we both knew the name was very appropriate (considering I specialise in pedicures) and it reflected my personality down to a ‘t’. An extra ‘m’ was added for effect and the two words were joined together. It was on that day, 15th March 2018, that ‘Toejamm’ was born.