meet our founder + learn 'why' toejamm


Jami [ jay-mee ] aka. Perth's Pedicure Junkie

meet perth's pedicure junkie; the founder of toejamm; reinventor of pedicures; supporter of small businesses and now re-opening her books to new clients after 2 years!

this exclusive service that she has created is second to none and for the lucky few that found her in the early stages of creating her business, they are hooked and not going anywhere.

her services are solely focused on natural toenail and foot health, not just the cosmetic side of a luxury paint job or change of colour. 

it may be a while till you can find another pedicure provided at her level but watch this space as she will be opening a training academy so that other small businesses in perth can too give you that 'toejamm finish'.

a little message from our founder to you...

Finding your passion is a journey but when you realise what it is, a whole new world opens up.

For me, it was becoming a pedicurist. Give me a smashed-up toe and you’ll be guaranteed to have it looking like new at the end of the service.

It’s important to pay particular attention to your daily activities so I can best repair your feet in the right way. (think of a standard pedicure but with a slight clinical twist...) 

With over 18 years of customer service experience and thorough understanding of every individual's needs and wants - attention to detail, care, time, effort and chats are my focus. I am not your ordinary nail tech who will provide you with a quick in/out service, you are not a number, you are my client and you matter to me.

So why did I choose the name ‘Toejamm’?

Well, on my way to work one morning, my partner and I started to toss out some names. All of a sudden he yelled out ‘Nail Jam’! and like a ray of light shining down from the heavens with the angels singing ‘ahhhhh’... my eyes lit up and I screamed ‘Toe Jam’! We both looked at each other and cracked up laughing but we were excited as we both knew the name was very appropriate (considering I specialise in pedicures) and it reflected my personality down to a ‘t’. An extra ‘m’ was added for effect and the two words were joined together. It was on that day, 15th March 2018, that ‘Toejamm’ was born.

Fun facts about me...

My partner and I have two cats, Bailey + Porsche (they're sisters), I am training them to be like dogs because secretly I love dogs more but I won't tell them that 'cause I still love them - so far they are leash trained and love adventures outside, paddle-boarding, swimming and bush hiking, so I take that as a win :-)

My work history has been a cocktail of things but to make it simple, I have been in the following industries - Automotive, Industrial, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Design & Marketing. The thing you may find most interesting though was that I was a Automotive Smash Repair Spray-Painter - clearly I don't mind getting my hands dirty!

Love to talk about business, brain stimulating things, I don't watch Love Island or The Bachelor - I'd rather watch a documentary to increase my brain cells but after a busy day you can find me watching 'nothing box shows' like Brooklyn 99, Superstore, Jane the Virgin, Cartoons... the list goes on, oh and when I am having a weekend off, give me some John Wick, Ghost Rider, Transporter - love me a good action ;-)

Activities, I'd say.. Road Trip, Camping, Snorkelling, Cycling - basically anything outdoors!


Featuring inside Toejamm Subiaco: W,T, F + Alternate Saturdays 

Services: Spa Pedicures, Dry Pedicures, Toenail Rehab, Toenail Repair + Sculpting, Nail Art
Products: Bio Sculpture (Main), CND, Nail Code, Presto, Luxio and others