here's a list of things to help you when booking services provided by toejamm

*other featuring businesses have their own terms + conditions and faqs, so please contact them directly for any queries you have

3/27 Hood Street, Subiaco is where you will find us.

We are right outside next to the Coles Underground Carpark entrance, we have a street sign pointing to the shop. You can't miss it :)

Parking options are endless!

$9 day parking on Roydhouse Street + Vickers Lane, Paid parking at Wilsons behind the salon off Station Street, Woolworths 90min free then paid after, Coles 3 hours free

*WARNING: coles will fine you $77 if you are there longer than 3 hrs as a photo of your rego is taken at the entrance, so best park at Woolies or Wilsons and pay if you are in for an extended appointment to avoid interruption of your beauty service. 

Free Street Parking is available after 5PM on weekdays and all day on weekends.


However, please investigate your transportation/parking options further for your own knowledge

(we will not be held liable for any infringements)

  1. SUBiPARK Interactive Map with Rates:
  2. Download EasyPark App to manage any of your parking operated by City of Subiaco for ease of mind:

Service Preperation

pedicure service during work/uni hours? toejamm is a space where we allow you to work whilst being pampered. 

we have free wifi, laptop/study tray tables. didn't eat all day? UberEATS is allowed in our studio.

byo recommendations, snacks, headphones, book, iPad/tablet.

manicure service? snacks with wrappers - no dirty fingers please and thank you, headphones, book, iPad/tablet. oh and bathroom prior to starting appoinment is recommended - washing of hands during prep or prior to painting can affect the end result of your manicure.

prepping for a tattooing appointment?

please ensure your phone is put on silent and have your headphones

Toejamm uses 'Zeller' so you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay and with your watch or phone.

You may pay with cash but note we do not carry change. So best to have the right amount or do partial payment Cash/Card.

*Note there is a 1.4% Surcharge on Card Payments through our EFT terminal.

If you become a Toejamm Regular, we can also provide you with our bank details for direct payments to by-pass the credit card surcharges; proof of payment must be shown before exiting the salon

nope! everyone is welcome :)

we get all types of people coming through, wheel chairs even fit at our manicure table and we can perform pedicures from them too – just make a note on your booking so we can setup in prep for your arrival

please state your pronoun when booking so we know how to greet you

No, we are not an 'express' or 'in-out' salon.

We offer specialised services that focuses on the health of your natural nail. We work on a lot of clients who have severe nail damage from express salons that are in-experienced with their tools, we also provide services to assist those with nail traumas from sporting injuries or accidents as well as provide knowledge on how to best care for your nails and manage them yourself.

Our services range from 1hr - 2.5hrs and sometimes 3 depending on what service you book and what care is required.

This is why we encourage you to bring snacks, a book or something to do whilst you are being treated and transformed.

Pedicure Recurring Services: 4-8 weeks depending on your nail growth

Manicure Recurring Services: 3-4 weeks depending on growth


When booking your appt online, you will see the service duration next to the service you select.

So let's for example say, you select a specialised service that goes for 2.5hrs

You book it at 3:30PM

Therefore, your service is due to end at 6PM


Out of the courtesy for our artists and not putting them under pressure with time restraints or backing up your service appt. with a lunch or dinner.

Please plan ahead and allow enough time after your appt. to get to your next commitment stress-free.

Putting time restraints on our artists reduces our performance, our outcome of your service, it can lead to forgetting things, making mistakes - it puts a lot of pressure on us.

Also, please don't tell us you have somewhere to be during your service, tell us at the start so we can change your appt. type if need be.


we are specialists in our craft. we are not an express salon.

if your focus is 'time' and not 'nail health care' please source your services elsewhere, we are not the salon for you.

services based on 'time' is not our focus.

our focus is natural nail and foot health, not just the cosmetic side of a luxury paint job or change of colour.

our services are in-depth, paying close attention to detail and providing the up-most care.

we also specialise in providing nail rehabilitation for fingers and toes.

we will not provide you with a quick in/out service, you are not a number, you are a client and your nail health matters to us.

our artists combined have 25+ years of knowledge and experience.

you sure can! when you have completed your first service with us, at the end of your appointment we can set you up with recurring appointments to suit your schedule.

Our salon accommodates two persons at a time.

If you have a set service with one nail artist on a particular day and would like your friend or family member to book in on the same day/time with our other nail artist, please contact us directly so we can try our best to arrange this for you

Group bookings for weddings and any other occasions that comprise of 3 persons or more - reach out and we will give you a list of places who should be able to accommodate you.

If you make any changes '2 days prior' to your scheduled appt., your deposit can be saved and either transferred/refunded.

However, it is important to note, no matter what reason is given;

covid/sick/car issues/family matter/family emergency/work

If you cancel/reschedule '1 day prior' to your scheduled appt., your deposit will be forfeited and not refunded.

If you cancel/reschedule/fail to show ‘On-The-Day’ of your scheduled appt., your deposit will be forfeited and you will be required to ‘pay the remaining amount’ of the main service. No refund will be provided.

These mean that a 'new 50% deposit’ will need to be paid for any future appts you would like to book-in.

These guidelines are in place to protect the business, and ensure all clients are accommodated for.

Challenging these terms and conditions may result in being advised to source your services elsewhere.

*'Toejamm' reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time


please note that there are strictly no infants or children allowed in the studio

if your infant or child requires your attention because they are sick or have been in hospital recently, please cancel your appt. do not bring them with you out of the love and care for your child so that they can rest and recover and out of the respect for others in the salon.

this is a space for everyone to switch-off and unwind, a place with sharp tools, expensive equipment, nail dust, toe flakes and where product smells exist that can be harmful to young lungs.

we also do not have room for prams or for children to sit and wait whilst you receive a service that goes for 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs depending on what service you selected.

please arrange for a carer at your appointment time; having this in place gives you as a parent the opportunity to have a mini getaway; it allows the technicians to focus and get their work done in the allocated time and provides an environment where other clients can enjoy their time in the studio too


high-end specialised services can only happen with 100% focus from our artists to provide you with quality outcomes

therefore, no plus-ones, waiting friends or family members, infants or children are allowed to join you unless they are being worked on

switch-off, unwind, relax and have a mini getaway

this time is about you and you only



purchasing one of our products but need to clarify some things first?


We will receive a notification that you have placed an order with us.

We will then prep your order and contact you directly once it is ready for collection.

Please give us 12-24hrs to reach out to you or if it is a Friday or Weekend, please wait to hear from us on Monday :)


absolutely! we understand that sometimes making an online purchase can be a little scary when it comes to decision making and sometimes we want to talk to a professional about them to ensure we are picking the right thing

Book your appointment

We offer Local Delivery to the following WA Postcodes: 6007, 6008, 6009, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6014, 6016, 6017, 6018, 6019, 6029, 6159 and 6160.

Local Delivery Costs

Orders below $70: $10 Delivery Fee

Orders $70 and above: FREE Delivery

Delivery Days are Mon + Tues; you will be contacted within 48hrs of placing your order to discussing a suitable delivery day and time to your nominated address.

We offer Standard Shipping to All States of Australia using Australia Post as our Courier.
International Shipping is something we do not provide at this stage.

Please allow 48hrs for your order to be reviewed and processed. 

Aust Post Standard Shipping 3-6 Business Days (Sign on Delivery) $17.10

Wanting Express Post? Orders not containing aerosol cans, please email us directly
*our aerosol cans cannot travel by air as they are flammable

[ Aust Post Express Shipping 1-3 Business Days (Sign on Delivery) $20.30 ]


We use our trusted Australia Post for all our orders.

However, things can go wrong sometimes that are out of our control. Once we have shipped your order, popped it in the post box and left it up to our posties and their automated technology, it is out of our hands.

If there is extreme delay with your shipment, it is up to you to follow up with Australia Post directly. HERE

Toejamm will not be held liable for any lost or stolen parcels hence why Sign on Delivery is the only Postage Option we provide as it will ensure that your order is better protected.

It is also important to triple check your address so that your parcel does not get sent to the wrong state. (Yes this happens, we’ve heard the horror stories) Never-the-less, prior to fulfilling your order, we’ve added confirming
your address to our processes and if Google Maps comes up blank, we contact you to have your address re-confirmed and corrected to eliminate any errors.

Please note that it takes roughly 48hrs (2 days) to process all orders.

At present we do not have a dedicated Warehouse to process all requests, the owner of Toejamm is the one who processes your order for you. Given her busy schedule of working on clients, attending to accounting, outside meetings and staff, this is the perfect timeframe to see to your orders, triple check they are all correct, get them all safely packed and then sent down to the local post office for shipping.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


If you have decided that you no longer want your purchase, unfortunately a refund, return or swap will not will be provided.


If your product is faulty, please take a photo and email it to us with a brief description so we can see what is wrong with it. We will then review and consider if we can offer you a replacement.