Chrome Soft 'Toe' Brush

Chrome Soft 'Toe' Brush

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Lifting Toe-Nails BE GONE!

Introducing a new age of cleaning your toes to rid yourself of lifting toe-nails.

here's the story from our founder

i needed to come up with a method to help clients eliminate their lifting toenails and find a way to kill the bacteria underneath them. i then had this ingenious idea - when we have smelly breath or notice our teeth need cleaning - what do we do? well, we get our favourite tooth-paste and we apply it to our favourite tooth-brush, then clean our teeth to get ride of any build-up and bacteria. Funnily enough, this same method goes for our toes.

so instead of having the same designed tooth-brush that you get from your local store for your toes, i wanted to find something that matched the 'toejamm aesthetic' as well as make it easy for clients to indentify which is their tooth-brush and toe-brush. (could you imagine picking up the wrong brush in the morning?!) Chrome it was!

how it works

  1. Grab your favourite tooth-paste and NEW Chrome Toe-Brush
  2. Hop in the shower to perform your normal routine then work on your feet last so you can wash all the germs away
  3. Get the tooth-paste, apply your tooth-paste to your finger from the tube (do not apply directly to Toe-Brush! you want to avoid cross-contimination from the brush to the tube)
  4. Wipe the tooth-paste off your finger and onto your Chrome Toe-Brush
  5. Point shower water away from your feet
  6. Squat down or prop-up your foot to start brushing the tooth-paste on, around and under your lifted toe-nail (the soft bristles will avoid any taring of your skin)
  7. Once complete and you are satisfied that you did a good job at cleaning all the germs, rinse your toe to wash away any gunk or debris, then wash the Chrome Toe-Brush thoroughly with body wash shop
  8. Find a spot to have the Chrome Toe-Brush air-dry facing down so the water can drip off the tip of the bristles instead of accumulate at the base of them (bacteria nest will form) or use a paper towel to dry it once you've hopped out (it will still need to air-dry, the base of the bristles will retain some water). If you are next level hygiene fanantic, grab the hair-dryer and lightly blow heat from a distance to dry out your brush.
  9. Once you get out the shower, grab your towel, dry your body, and have a seperate towel for your toe. Dab the lifting toenail/s dry (hold and wait 2, 3) and again, if you would like to go the extra mile, grab the hair-dryer and lightly blow heat from a distance to dry out the area under your lifted toenail.
  10. COMPLETE! and repeat daily until lifting is gone
noticable results vary depending on your nail growth, stay persistant, keep the nail clean and trimmed short and don't give up!