Footlogix® Foot Fresh Spray

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Footlogix® Foot Fresh Deodorant Spray (125 ml)

if you’re tired of stinky feet or nervous that the stank will evacuate a room of people when you remove your shoes, then this product is for you. Footlogix® Foot Fresh is designed to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria on your feet.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains Tea Tree Oil to neutralize foot odor
  • Contains Menthol to cool the skin and leave a refreshing scent
  • Works for those who desire freshness for their feet, those who wear enclosed shoes, those who are extremely active (on-the-go and/or sports)

Usage Instructions

  • Before putting your shoes on, apply to clean, dry feet once at least once a day or as needed – the more the better, you don’t want pitting and peeling from bacteria build up in your shoes
  • Spray your feet lightly, focusing between your toes and allow 3-4 seconds to dry before socks and/or shoes go on

Handy Tip

follow the right at home/outside of salon care, think - are you sweating in old/new shoes? Are your shoes synthetic or leather? what can you do to reduce your feet from getting to this point?

  • wear socks whenever you are wearing an enclosed shoe, if you don’t want to, then you MUST keep your shoes clean
  • fresh socks ALWAYS (take an extra pair with you and change them mid-day)
  • dry sweaty shoes outside, yes, your sweat is what creates the smell
  • wash your shoes quarterly or every 6 months depending on use
  • wash your feet everyday, after a long day, after sports, after water activities
  • do you have hyper-hidrosis? did you know there is an injection to stop your sweats? ask your doctor for a referral
  • consider leather insole shoes rather than synthetic, as that is what makes you sweat/smell more

all these things can help you on your journey to healthier happier feet